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The Creppy Group (TCG) is a privately owned Limited Liability Company registered under the Companies code, 1963 (ACT 179) and certified to Commence Business in August 2018. The family of Companies is engaged in Poultry and Pig Farming (Animal Husbandry Division), Food Products and Beverage Manufacturing(Food Processing Division) and Restaurant Services (Catering Division). The subsidiary companies operating under the umbrella of Creppy Group are Creppy Farms Ghana Ltd. (Animal Husbandry), Nature’s Finest Food Products Company (Food Processing), Nature’s Nourishment Food Products Company (Nutritional Beverages – Food Processing), and Nature’s Paradox Restaurants(Catering Services).


Position Title: Production Manager (Poultry & Pig Farming)


Job Type: Full-time


Compensation and Benefits: A competitive salary package commensurate with experience and qualifications will be offered to the right applicant. The position comes with accommodation. After successfully completing a 3 month probationary work period and three additional months of demonstrated competency and accomplishments, Creppy Group will provide a company Mobile phone with access to the internet and equipped with WhatsApp messaging application and a laptop.


Residential Requirement: All applicants must be willing to live within less than 5 kilometers to the poultry farm which is located at Ojobi (near Akotsi).


Direct Reports: Position will have supervisory responsibilities over the following employees: Assistant Production Manager, Production Assistants (6 employees) and Temporary Workers (as needed). 


The Production Manager Reports Directly To: President and Chief Executive Officer (Proprietor).


Rewarding Hard Work: At Creppy Group (TCG), we know that our employees work tirelessly to provide our customers with the best support and care they possibly can. Therefore, we are proud to offer competitive compensation plus bonus packages to reward our hardworking employees.


Job Description: Creppy Group of Companies seeks to employ an experienced Production Manager, who is dependable; detail-oriented; self-motivated; has excellent communication skills (oral and writing), a strong work ethic, as well as an extraordinarily impeccable sense of integrity and honesty. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring that the chicken and pigs are kept in ideal living conditions, that they are healthy, that the right quantity and quality of feed and water are given to them, and that their production levels are optimal. The Production Manager will coordinate, supervise and manage the day-to-day activities of the Production personnel and temporary workers hired from time to time to care for the chicken and the pigs. The Production Manager will also ensure that the right inventory levels of feed are maintained at all times to prevent any shortages, as well as maintain proper biosecurity protocols on the premises.


Creppy Farms (CF) has operations at two locations, namely Ojobi (near Akotsi) where the poultry farm is located and Bontrase where the Pig Farm is located. Both locations are in the Central Region close to Kasoa. The Production Manager will be based at Ojobi but will be in charge of both operations.


The poultry farm which is currently being restructured to expand its capacity from 15,000 birds to 30,000 birds, is a midsize commercial poultry farm that engages in a primary activity of layer poultry farming, where egg laying poultry birds are raised for the purpose of commercial egg production, poultry meat and processed poultry products.


The Pig Farm just went into operation and currently has 3 males and 6 females. In the coming months, Creppy Farms expects to significantly raise the capacity of the pig farm to 1200 females and 300 males.


Creppy Farms sells Fresh Farm Eggs, Live Chicken and Live Pigs mainly to its sister company Natures Finest Food Productsas well as to Wholesalers, Retailers and other commercial entities such as Bakeries, Restaurants, Hotels and Educational Institutions. In making these sales, the Production Manager will work closely with the Marketing and Sales Manager and the Accountant for the successful implementation of these transactions.


Note: Working on a farm is a completely different experience from working in a regular office setting with all the convenience of modern technology, a nice office and modern amenities. This job requires that the incumbent spends practically all his or her time interacting with and taking care of the animals. This implies that the incumbent will be exposed, on a daily basis, to conditions typical to working on a farm, with a frequent exposure to unpleasant odors from the waste of the farm animals. This is not an exaggeration. If you know that you cannot work under such conditions, please do not waste your time and the time of Creppy Farms to apply for this position.




Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Management and Administrative Duties

  • Analyze operational costs for the supply of feed and equipment for production.
  • Ensure that Production personnel and Temporary workers keep the following areas clean and in the highest possible sanitary conditions: all the poultry houses and pig pens; areas around all the poultry houses and pig pens; keeping the entire compound clean including weeding and picking up of all trash;
  • Set up a weekly schedule for the production personnel to clean and sanitize the pig pens and the poultry houses.
  • Ensure that the animal litter is changed frequently and to arrange for the litter to be sold to local farmers or properly discarded.
  • Ensure that the farms keep daily records of: feed intake, mortality, administration of medications, vaccinations, weight, and any other information necessary for the operational efficiency of the farms.
  • Monitor health conditions of the pigs and the chicken and seek veterinary advice when necessary.
  • Recruit, train and supervise farm hands.
  • Identify ways to improve efficiency in the job performance of all Production personnel by keeping their productivity at the highest possible level.
  • Organize Production personnel to take delivery of birds at the airport and arranging for birds to be transported safely from the airport to the farm.
  • Organize Production personnel to periodically take delivery of and transport pigs from vendors to Creppy Farms.


Animal Husbandry Duties

  • Walk through the poultry houses several times a day to check on the general health conditions of the pig and chicken and to ensure that proper lighting, temperature and ventilation are being maintained.
  • Ensure that the daily animal husbandry duties and animal welfare responsibilities are diligently carried out by Production personnel.
  • Adopt appropriate integrated biosecurity and disease control measures to minimize the incidence of mortality among the Chicken and Pigs.
  • Ensure that the egg processing room is kept clean and well-sanitized.
  • Ensure that sick pigs and birds are promptly removed and placed in isolation.
  • Ensure that pigs and birds in isolation are given the proper medication and treatment to nurse them back to health.
  • Supervise the preparation of the brooder house two weeks in advance of taking delivery of Day Old Chicks. This includes thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the brooder house and ensuring that there is adequate supply of feed, water, medications, heating facilities, equipment, needed for the brooding of the birds.
  • Prepare medication programmes for chicks, growers and layers.
  • Provide daily information on egg collection, the quality of the eggs, and mortality to the Accountant.
  • Prepare vaccination schedules and implement the schedule for the animals.
  • Ensure that egg production targets are kept at the highest possible levels and when there is a drop in the quantity of eggs produced, identify the reason and take the necessary measures to rectify the situation.
  • Take the necessary steps to keep egg damages at an absolute minimum.
  • Periodically debeak birds to prevent pecking and cannibalism
  • Supervise the daily egg collection and grading activities.
  • Have an accurate and up-to-date count of the animals at all times.
  • Carefully identify birds that are not laying eggs, well after 20 weeks of age, remove them from the flock and work with the Accountant to sell such birds.


Required Skills and Expectations

  • Thoroughly familiar with taking care of birds through the milestones of the chicken’s growth stages.
  • Thoroughly familiar with taking care of pigs through the milestones of the pigs growth stages.
  • Willingness to adhere to all health and safety, bio-security and disease control procedures and operational requirements.
  • Experience with running/managing a Poultry Farm.
  • Experience with running/managing a Pig Farm
  • Knowledge of modern poultry and pig farming methods.
  • Proficiency in the administration of medications for both Pigs and Chicken.
  • Experience in the Vaccination of Chicken and Pigs.
  • Proficient in the use of communication applications, such as WhatsApp.
  • Willingness to work reasonable overtime hours to meet operational demands.
  • Proficient in the preparation of feed for birds from Day Old through the laying stage.
  • Proficient in the preparation of feed for Pigs through their life cycle.
  • Proficient in identifying symptoms of illnesses and taking the appropriate steps to treat the illness promptly or refer the case to the Veterinarian consultant for immediate action.
  • Strong inter-personal skills, able to work co-operatively with internal and external contacts.
  • Ability to read, write and speak fluent English.
  • Must be reliable, punctual and motivated.
  • Excellent analytical and organizational skills.
  • Ability to take a strictly business view of the operation of the farm.
  • Computer literacy in MS Office, MS Excel and internet skills for research purposes
  • Good organizational and time management skills, with the ability to carry out a range of different tasks.
  • All other duties as assigned by the President and CEO.


Qualifications and Required Experience

  • in Agriculture or related courses.
  • Three (3) or more years working experience in poultry and pig farming with a minimum of 2 or more years as Production Manager or Assistant Production Manager;


  • Certificate from an Agricultural Training College
  • Six (6) or more years working experience in poultry and pig farming with a minimum of 3 or more years as Production Manager or Assistant Production Manager;


  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Six (6) or more years working experience in poultry and pig farming with a minimum of 3 or more years as Production Manager or Assistant Production Manager;



How To Apply For This Job

If you are interested in this position and have the required experience and qualifications please follow the guidelines below to submit your application:

  •  In your email, please insert the position, Production Manager on the subject line along with the website where you found the job listing. Example: Production Manager – Jobweb Ghana
  • Send your Resume to the attention of the Director of Human Resources at the following email address:
  • Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Send a two page write-up explaining how you intend to comply with and or implement each bullet point under: Management and Administrative Duties; Animal Husbandry Duties; Required Skills and Expectations;
  • Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Provide a one page write up of why you think that you are the best qualified candidate for this job.
  • Very Important (Any Application without this Document will be Rejected): Include an active email address and a telephone number where you can be reached in case you are shortlisted for this position.


Please Note: With every due respect, you will be wasting your time if you apply for this position without the required experience and qualifications and if you don’t comply with all the requirements under “How To Apply for this Position”.

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