Job Interviews : 5 Signs That Tell You Aced A Job Interview

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5 Signs That Tell You Aced A Job Interview

Job Interviews

After you walk out of an interview, there is one of two reactions you feel. Either you feel you did well or failed completely. The easiest will be if you know you actually did not do well. Which leaves the hardest to be you did well. Why is you doing well be the hardest thing? If you feel you did well, you spend a few hours (or days) mulling over every small detail of the interview in your mind, reading into what happened. The more you do this, the more you feel insane and believe me you would love to stay sane for a feedback after the interview


The question here is, can you accurately tell you really impressed the recruiters?

In my opinion, it is going to be difficult to tell with a high accuracy you hit the right spot. Why am i saying this? Looks can be deceptive. But research has  noticed some common trends among the successful job interviews - the ones that ultimately lead to an offer. "What are some of these common trends ?", someone might ask.


  • Your interview was not short

if your interview was really short, then that my friend is really a bad sign. Recruiters do not like wasting their time during an interview. The expectation of meeting someone impressive is high. If they feel that you are not the right fit for the position, they may cut the interview short.



  • You were asked tough or unexpected questions

Most of us as kids hated tough questions and till date we still do. It is normal but what if i tell you it is a good sign when it comes to interviews. Just because you had your way with easy and expected questions doesn't mean you dodged the bullet. With regards to interviews, the recruiters just need to cut your interview short.

If the recruiter asks you tough and unexpected questions, the intent is usually to gauge how you approach an unexpected situation. Your response to a tough question can give the interviewer insight into your creativity and ability to deal with pressure – something that your resume, no matter how polished, cannot do as effectively.


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  • The recruiter seemed to be enjoying the conversation

Pay attention to the recruiter’s body language and overall demeanor. If he looks relaxed, immersed in the flow of the conversation, and focused on you, you have some good signs that the interview is going well.

Try not to read too deeply into the reverse of that experience. If the hiring manager seems distracted, it is possible that he has already made up his mind, and is simply going through the motions to check the box. It is also possible that job stress, deadlines, or illness is a factor. Stay professional, and do your best to focus on the conversation.



  • The recruiter asked specific questions about your transition and references

The hiring process does not end with the job interviews. Depending on your situation, there may be background or medical checks, training, non-compete agreements to consider, and references to check.

If the recruiter or the hiring manager wanted to know the details of those, or your available start date, you have some good signs that they are seriously considering your candidacy.




  • The recruiter asked if you had questions to ask

When recruiters enjoy their conversation with you, they will give you the opportunity to ask questions so as to sell you on the company and position. When the manager goes into detail about the company’s benefits, pay, perks, and its great culture, he or she is trying to sell you on the position. This is a great reminder that while the hiring manager is interviewing you, you are interviewing him or her, as well.


Have you noticed any of the above, If you did, then ease up and stay sane to hear a feedback. Regardless of how confident (or not) you feel, your guess is only a guess until you have an offer in your hand. Continue to prepare, show up, and do your best in every interview.


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