Aptitude Tests : 10 Steps To Pass Any Aptitude Test

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10 Steps To Pass Any Aptitude Test

Aptitude Tests

In the previous article we discussed what aptitude tests are and some types of aptitude tests you migh take, We will discuss in this article the steps to pass any aptitude test. If you don not know what an aptitude test is then read this article on what an aptitude test is.

Every Ghanaian job seeker goes through a couple of hurdles to get a job in Ghana. You had the perfect CV  and  the best Cover Letter submitted to a company for a job vacancy and you got called in for an aptitude test. You didn't prepare yourself well thinking you would make it through since you have the best CV anyone would wish for. Before you could blink you lost the opportunity to secure your dream job all because you didn't practice enough for the aptitude test that got in your way.

It's high time you don't lose such an opportunity because you were so full of yourself or you didn't prepare enough. With these few tips we hope you will get ready for what's ahead of you. At least you will know you did your best.


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Steps to pass any aptitude test

1. Practice Aptitude tests online

 It’s more than likely you’ll sit your aptitude test on a computer so get used to practicing them online. Practice as many aptitude tests as you can before sitting your assessment.  The more questions you practice the more confident you will be and the more types of questions you will have seen.

2,. Get all the right tools

Ensure you have a good calculator, lots of rough paper, a few pens and a watch. Some organizations will prevent you from using calculators. Get used to practicing with all these essentials so you’re used to using them when it comes to your real assessment.

3. Ask the assessor for information on the type of test you’ll be sitting

You have the right to ask what sort of aptitude test you’ll be expected to sit, how long it will be and where you’ll have to sit it (it might be at home or at an assessment centre).





4. Don’t get a friend to sit your aptitude test for you. 

If you’re asked to sit an aptitude test at home you may be asked to sit one when you go for interview so it’s no good trying to cheat the system.  Also these tests are for your benefit as much as your prospective employer you both need to be comfortable your skills are up to the required standard to do the job you’re applying for.

5. Read any guidance provided before sitting your assessment

Make sure you make a note of how much time you have and roughly how long you should be spending on each question.

6. Don’t get bogged down on a question 

If you get stuck, don’t let the clock run down, move on, you might find the next question easier and you’ll pick up more marks by moving on.


aptitude test


7. Move on

If you think a question is going to take a really long time, flag it and if possible come back to it.   Some questions can be really time consuming and you may be better off coming back to it.



8. Don’t guess wildly

Your aptitude test score will be made up of a combination of speed and accuracy.  It’s important not to haphazardly guess to try and finish all the questions.  Work carefully and as quickly as you can.  The more questions you practice the quicker you will get.

9. Familiarise yourself

Spend a few seconds familiarising yourself with the graph/table/pie chart you’re presented with before launching into the question.  Make a mental note of what the labelling on the axis and the title so you have an idea of what information you have been provided with.

10. Get used to working on paper

 The quickest way to do your calculations is on a piece of paper.  We recommend using a big A4 sheet as you’ll have enough room to do your workings.  Leave yourself plenty of space so you’re not cramming your workings into the corner.


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